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General RP rules

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General RP rules Empty General RP rules

Post by LykosTerra Thu Apr 17, 2014 5:30 am

Hello guys, Lykos here, and here are some RP rules we would like you to follow.

1: Everyone's style is different, just deal with it.

2: Dont control other characters, like letting them do stuff without the other one knowing/wanting it.

3: When going on a mission with another person. Please create a topic in the mission tab on your guild sub forum. :3

4: Erotic RPing is Allowed, HOWEVER, make sure the content is in a spoiler tab.


To do it, people who dont wanna see it, dont have to see it.

5: Let another person be. If their characters dont wanna deal with any of your characters, just let them be.

I hope this will make sure we can Rp normally with each other.

My Regards.

Lykos a.k.a. Lars.

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