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General forum rules

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General forum rules Empty General forum rules

Post by LykosTerra Thu Apr 17, 2014 4:55 am

So, hello guys. My name is Lykos and here are some general rules that are used on our forum.

1. Respect other members RP style, dont rage/flame someone for having a different Rp style then you. Not everyone is the same.
2. Respect other members in general, why dont allow bullying on this forum, bullies will be permabanned. mkay?
3. Respect staff and mods, they work hard to keep this forum a safe place, if they take a little bit longer to respond to you, give them that time please.
4. Dont abuse privileges etc. We give them to you because we trust you, dont ruin our trust.
5. RP serious, being OOC(Out of Character) on an IC(In character) forum post will result in strikes, which will result in a ban.
6. If someone says stop, stop. Just stop. Dont even think about continueing.

7. Have fun! With friends or with other people, we are all here because we love something right?

I hope we can keep this forum clean and have a healthy community this way!

My Regards.

Lykos, a.k.a. Lars.

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