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General magic rules

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General magic rules Empty General magic rules

Post by LykosTerra Thu Apr 17, 2014 5:22 am

Hello, my name is Lykos, and here are some magic rules.

1: Classes matter, it matters which class you are on how much damage you do, rankings are the following.
E: Can hurt people, but not make injuries. Can take on a maximum of 2 enemies at one time.
D: Can hurt people and cause minor injuries like scratches etc. Can take on a maximum of 4 enemies at one time.
C: Can hurt people and cause injuries like wounds etc. Can take on a maximum of 6 enemies at one time.
B: Can hurt people and cause injuries like bruising. Can take on 8 people at the time.
A: Can hurt people and cause injuries like broken limbs and heavy wounds. Can take on 12 enemies at one time.
S class: Can (most of the time) kill people when they put effort in it. Fighting an S class mage is dangerous. Can take on a whole army when they want too.

2: Enemies are ALWAYS monsters or goons, never other wizards.

3: Fighting another player can only happen playfully or when the other player wants to fight you. When fighting playfully, try not to hurt the others.

4: When taking on missions(Missions dont get you actual things, they just offer something else then RP in the guild) your character could have the posibility to become a Class higher. An S class test can be taken when you are A class. (Only in communication with Admins)

5: S and A class mages CAN have more then one magic, note that A class magic can only have one extra, S class and GM's can have unlimited. Also know that when using the other types of magic. Beating someone from your own magic class is near impossible, except if you are a GM ofcourse.

I hope you guys respect these rules!

My Regards.

Lykos a.k.a. Lars

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